Derby/ODE training day – 12 October


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Derby/ODE training day – 12 October

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Date: Saturday 12 October 2013

Venue: Hidden Valley, Ourimbah


  • Eventing dressage tests
    • rider to select when entering
    • dressage will be scored and places awarded
  • Cross-country jump course
    • rider will choose height on the day (non-competitive) 60/80/95/105 cm
  • Show jumps
    • rider will choose height on the day (non-competitive) 60/80/95/105 cm

The event aims to give riders a chance to be judged on the Eventing Dressage tests and ride the Hidden Valley course prior to the November Hidden Valley ODE. Note, parts of the course have been updated, including some new obstacles.

The jumps can be ridden as either straight cross-country course run, or as a “Derby Run” combined show jump/eventing course.

Riders will each do a dressage test of their choice and have choice as to jump heights and course structure. Select on the day. Jumping phase to have 2 runs per horse. Jumping may not be timed as this event is for schooling purposes.

The Hidden Valley ODE Course has had upgrade work and new jumps put in place. This represents an ideal opportunity to train all 3 disciplines on the one day, without pressure. Ride the course sequentially and work out any issues you may have, The Hidden Valley ODE is in November, so this is an ideal opportunity to train before the course is closed.

Note: This event is on a Saturday.

The dressage tests will be scored and ribbons/places awarded.

Riders must be a member of wither EA or Watagan Equestrian Club in order to enter. Entries via nominate only.

Body protectors and medical armbands are to be worn on the cross-country course.


Dressage tests available:

  • EA 1A and EA 1B
  • EA P1
  • EA PN1