• Renew / New Memberships

    Go to Nominate to join WEC. Most of the events are restricted to members of the club and members always receive a discount per entry. Nominate only accepts credit card payments. For alternate payment methods, contact us.

  • Maximum 2 tests per horse

    Due to the EA restrictions that ensure the health and safety of all horses and riders participating at our competition and training days, there are maximum entry limits that apply as follows: A horse may compete in a maximum of 2 tests. A horse may compete in two consecutive levels only. Riders can enter a maximum of two horses. Maximum of 4 tests per rider.

  • Scoreboard

    Live results are available for every class from the Nominate Scoreboard App. Download the app onto your phone and find the competition (search for Watagan). Placings are available once the class is fully scored.

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