Competitive / Closed Unrestricted Dressage – 23 March


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Competitive / Closed Unrestricted Dressage – 23 March

Posted in: Archive 2014 by admin on 06/12/2013

Date: 23 March 2014

Venue: Morisset Show Ground

Tests available:

Closed Unrestricted/Restricted:

Preparatory B
Preparatory C
Preliminary 1:1
Preliminary 1:2
Novice 2:1
Novice 2:2
Elementary 3:1
Elementary 3:2
Non-competing class for young horses


Preliminary 1:3
Novice 2:3
Elementary 3:3
Medium 4:3


1.    Events held under EA & FEI rules and Watagan Equestrian Club

2.    To help with the running of the day it is expected that all competitors will be able to assist or provide a helper.

3.    Horses may compete in two consecutive levels only.

4.    Callers are permitted.

5.    All riders ride at their own risk as per disclaimer.

6.    To claim membership discount, rider must be a current financial WEC member.

7.    No dogs allowed in the arena area. All dogs must be on a leash at all times.


Volunteers are needed:



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